Company Mission: Our mission is to help share the specificity found in nature to treat and cure what ails people without off-target effects commonly observed in traditional pharmaceuticals.

Ratoon Agroprocessing, LLC is a natural products manufacturing company located in a 11,500 sq. ft. facility in Marion, NC. Ratoon specializes in hemp-based manufacturing but also works with other biomass derived natural products. We are a seasoned team of former pharmaceutical scientists and business professionals that saw the power of hemp to relieve common ailments in people without the side-effects observed in big pharma drug products.

We bring to bare our experience in drug product development and manufacturing to provide pharmaceutical grade products extracted from Mother Nature that make a positive difference on the quality of life experienced by our customers and clients. Our expertise makes Ratoon Agroprocessing rare, if not unique in the cannabis industry. We are true believers in the potential of hemp-derived and other natural product derived compounds to improve the quality of health and experience of life for everyone.

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