What to Look for When Purchasing CBD Oil

What to Look for When Purchasing CBD Oil
  • Extract should be transparent, free of particulate, and light gold in color.
  • Green or darker colored oils should be avoided. Presence of a green color is a key indicator that chlorophyll has not been removed. Chlorophyll is unpleasant tasting and can cause stomach discomfort.
  • Discolored oil could be an indicator that the fatty acids and waxes extracted from the plant were not selectively removed. Products containing these compounds will have a shorter shelf life, poorer taste, and an increased risk of side effects.
  • Keep the ingredients to a minimum.
  • Confirm that the product and/or its raw ingredients have been tested to ensure product accuracy and safety. Product should be free of heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, mold, mildew, microorganisms, mycotoxins, residual solvents.
  • FDA requires that products must contain 80%-120% of the labeled potency for the active ingredient.
  • More than 50% of CBD products are outside FDA accuracy specifications.
  • Higher concentrations equate to more dosing options and greater value. However, don’t be misled. CBD manufacturers will increase the size of the container to make it appear as a high concentration. Higher concentrations are also more pure because non-target compounds have been removed.
  • If the product contains CBD isolate, proceed with caution. There is an overwhelming amount of poor-quality CBD isolate being manufactured into consumer products.
  • Can the product be traced back to the raw materials?
  • Is the product manufactured in a manner that complies with cGMP standards?
  • Is the expiration date based on product specific stability studies?
  • There should be NO medical claims on the product packaging. Watch out for false safety claims. Drug-to-drug interactions are possible with CBD products. CBD is metabolized by cytochrome P450, CYP3A4 and CYP2C enzymes.
May 8th 2020 James Hurlston

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